Subway Interview Questions and Answers for 2024

Do you have an interview at Subway? Getting a job at Subway is not hard, but it's not a given either.

Yes, it's a fast-food restaurant, but you ‌have to put an effort to look presentable and to answer interview questions the right way.

Here's a list of the most common interview questions asked by Subway:

Why do you want to work for Subway?

Have you ever worked for Subway?

Previous experience working for Subway makes it more likely you will get the job, no further questions asked.

If yes, mention when and for how long you worked there and what was your job title.

What can you tell us about Subway?

Have you ever worked at a restaurant?

If yes, mention how long you worked in the restaurant industry and what your job responsibilities were.

They want to know if you have real-life experiences that translate to the job at Subway.

If you have no experience in the restaurant industry, mention how much you like cooking and serving other people.

How long will you work for Subway?

They want to know if you're a job hopper. Companies dislike job hoppers because replacing them with a new hire is expensive.

Reassure them ‌you are interested in the job for the long term:

How much do you want to make?

They want to know if you have unrealistic expectations of how much money you will make. This often results in people leaving their jobs if they are not happy with their pay.

Flip the script and ask them how much they pay:

What's your education?

Don't worry. Even if you haven't finished high school... Subway prefers people without a college degree because they are less likely to move to a better job.

The question is: should you lie about HAVING a college degree? Some people say yes… It's on you.

How would you help improve Subway?

They want to know how creative and proactive you are. You are much more likely to be asked this question if you're applying for a management role.

However, in case you do get asked this question, suggest a fresh addition to the menu or a lesson you learned on a past job that could apply to Subway.

Do you have a good work ethic? Will you show up on time?

A big problem with fast-food restaurants is the low reliability of the workers. If you can show you're a reliable worker, you will easily get the job.

What is your work history?

Besides restaurant industry experience, they want to know what other jobs you had.

Talk about the companies you worked for, how long you spent there, your job title, and your actual responsibilities.

What are your strengths?

The goal is to show your best qualities as they relate to working in a restaurant: dealing with people, being detail-oriented, and being kind and trustworthy.

You need to find a balance between confidence and humbleness. Avoid looking arrogant.

What are your weaknesses?

You can talk about one or two weaknesses as long as they don't affect your ability to be a reliable worker. Obviously, you don't want to say you're lazy or untrustworthy.

Avoid giving "weaknesses" that sound like strengths.

Have you ever worked with customers?

Working for Subway requires you to interact with customers. Happy customers, angry customers, you name it. Having patience and empathy is important in such a job.

You will be asked a few customer service questions. That said, you don't actually need experience to get the job.

Mention any customer-facing jobs you had. If you didn't have any such experience, mention how friendly and outgoing you are.

How do you greet a customer?

How do you define great customer service?

How do you deal with an angry customer, even if they are wrong?

How would you deal with a robber?

Why should we hire you?

Do you have experience handling money or a cash register?

Depends on your experience. If yes, talk about the job and responsibilities. If not, tell them you're a reliable and responsible person who can be trusted with money.

Sometimes they test your math skills with simple math questions. It shouldn't be a problem to answer these questions.

Do you have experience making sandwiches, stocking, and dishwashing?

Answer with experiences you had on other jobs. If you never had a restaurant job mention your ability to cook and of course, tell them you wash your own dishes.

Any organization skills you used on a previous job are also worth mentioning.

What does BMT stand for?

What does the title "Sandwich Artist" mean to you?

How would you react to a co-worker stealing?

Do you work well with others and as a team?

Hand washing, food temperature, and other related questions

They might ask you about restaurant operations like "at what temperature should food be heated?" or "when should you wash your hands?"

Reply to these with common sense, based on your life experiences. Working for Subway is not rocket science.

When can you start?

Many Subways have problems with staffing and are often desperate to have people come and work for them. It's a simple answer:

What's your preference for part-time or full-time work?

It depends on what's going on in your life. If you are a student, you will probably prefer part-time.

Other people want a full schedule to make more money. Once again, it's all about your needs and Subway's needs. No right answer.

What hours can you work?

What's the best schedule for you? Mornings, afternoons, nights? Do you prefer weekends or weekdays?

If you have family obligations, don't lie. Tell the manager and he or she will work with you to find a schedule that suits your needs.

Do you have transportation?

Subway prefers people that live close to work as they are less likely to arrive late.

Do you have a criminal record?

Like it or not, most businesses avoid hiring people with criminal records. Tell the truth. If there is a background check and it comes back positive, they will fire you anyway.

That said, Subway doesn't do drug tests and if they are desperate enough to hire people, they won't even ask you about your record.

Do you have any questions?

If you get offered a job, ask about salary and schedules.

What to wear to an interview at Subway?

Does Subway hire on the spot?

Yes, if they are in a hurry to hire people, they can make a hiring decision right at the end of the interview.

Subway will give you clothes and a date to start working.

Does Subway ask math questions?

Depends on the store, however, these are very simple math questions.

In fact, it's elementary school math. Don't worry, most people will do well. I've never heard of anybody not getting a job because of these questions.

Is Subway a good first job?

Subway is a great job for those who are students, stay-at-home moms, people with low levels of education, or anybody who wants a simple job to fill in the gaps in their income.

Don't expect to be paid well. It's a fast-food job‌. You should treat Subway as a trampoline to something bigger and better.

What to bring to a Subway interview

Bring copies of your resume, personal identification, pen and paper for notes, and your phone in case you need to record phone numbers.

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