McDonalds Interview Questions and Answers for 2024

Do you have a job interview at McDonald’s and want to maximize the chances of getting the job? You’re in the right place.

These are the questions most likely to be asked to candidates:

Why do you want to work at McDonald’s?

Have you ever worked at McDonald’s before?

If yes, state your experience, the duration of your employment, and the positive experiences you’ve had while working there.

If not, simply answer no.

What do you know about McDonald’s?

Do you have experience in the restaurant industry?

If yes, share your experience: what duties did you have? What lessons did you learn? What were the companies? Years of experience?

If not, simply answer no. However, if you like cooking or have customer service experience, you can talk about it here. That includes cashier positions at other companies.

How would you make McDonald’s a better company?

They want to know how well you know the industry and how creative you are solving problems. Suggest an extra food item for the menu, new ways to order food, or a novel marketing idea.

This question is asked more frequently to people who interview for higher positions, but can occasionally be asked for entry-level too.

What is your favorite menu item? Why would anybody buy it?

They want to know how well you know the company as well as your communication skills. Spend some time studying their product line on their website.

Even better: go to a restaurant, order your favorite item, and take notes on how the food makes you feel.

Then describe those sensations to the interviewer: “The fries are crunchy and tasty. Sweet and salty, but not too much”.

How dependable and reliable are you?

McDonald’s likes to hire people good at following directions. There’s not a lot of space for creativity when working at a lower level at the company. Here are some answers:

What other professional experience do you have?

Describe your other job experiences. Start from the last job you had and work your way backward. Emphasize jobs where you had customer service responsibilities.


Never badmouth a previous company, manager, or colleague. Nobody wants to work with a negative person.

What are your strengths?

Don’t be too humble but also don’t be too arrogant.

What are your weaknesses?

It’s harder to talk about your weaknesses. That’s because you don’t want to sell yourself short. At the same time, you don’t want to give a weakness that feels like bragging.

You also want to avoid weaknesses that are related to important areas McDonald’s looks for in candidates such as customer service and work ethic.

Here are a few examples of weaknesses:

Do you have customer service experience?

A big part of working at McDonald’s is interacting with customers. Having customer service experience can make it easier to get the job.

However, most people who get accepted for a job have no experience. If you don’t have it, don’t let it discourage you.

Instead, mention your friendliness, ability to get along with others, and your ability to empathize.

Any job or life experience where you had to interact with lots of people is a plus.

How would you greet a customer?

Is the customer always right?

How would you react to an angry customer? What if the customer is wrong?

What would you do if a customer complains food is taking too long?

Do you work well with other people?

What would you do if you caught your colleague stealing money?

How would you handle a colleague that spends too much time on the phone while neglecting customers?

What position do you want to work in? What position do you not want to work in?

McDonald’s wants to know if you have a strong preference for the type of work you want to be responsible for. Having a preference is fine, but so is being versatile.

Any of these answers is fine.

What hours can you work? Flexible hours? Weekends or weekdays?

There’s no right answer here. If you can’t work night hours you shouldn’t lie about it. If you can work weekends but not weekdays, then make it clear right away.

Do you prefer full-time or part-time work?

Once again, no right answer here. State how many hours you can work and what days you can work.

Where do you live? Do you have reliable transportation?

The closer you live to work the better. However, the most important thing is whether you can get to your job on time.

What are your plans for the future? Do you want to get any further education?

You don’t want to give them the impression that you will leave in a few months, even if that’s your goal. The best approach is to make them think they are part of your long-term plans.

Are you willing to clean the bathroom?

Why should we hire you?

If you have experience:

If you don’t have restaurant experience, mention your personal qualities:

Do you have any questions?

If you didn’t discuss schedules, this is the time to mention them. And obviously, if you going to be offered a job, discuss wages too.

When it comes to wages though, there is not a lot of flexibility. People who work in the same position will make the same money.

You could also get personal with the manager and ask about him/her:

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