How to Put Poster Presentation on Resume - Step by Step

How do you add poster presentations to your resume/CV?

And how do you format it? Do you include all presentations? What if you were not the presenter?

Here's how to do it:

How to put poster presentation on resume

  1. Create a "Presentations section"
  2. Include the authors' names
  3. Add poster title
  4. Write down conference/event name
  5. Add conference dates
  6. Include the location where the conference was held
  7. List the most relevant poster presentations chronologically

Example template:

[Presentations header]
[Your LastName FN], [more authors' names]. [Poster title]. Poster presented at: [Conference name]; [Event Date]; [Event Location]

Practical example:


Johnson A.T., Brown M.P. The effect of unemployment policies on the unemployment rate and willingness to find a job. Poster presented at: 2019 Labor Economics Conference; October 2019; New York City, NY.

Stevens K., Johnson A.T. Employment incentives impact on labor force participation. Poster presented at: Nacional Economics Conference; February 2019; Los Angeles, CA.

1 - Create a presentations section

If you don't have one already, create a presentations section on your resume.

If you have a long list of publications, then presentations should be a subsection of the publications section.

The presentations and/or publications section should come after your Education history, job history, and research experience.

2 - Include the authors' names

List the authors' names in the same order they appear on the poster. The last name should come first, while the first and middle names should be abbreviated.

You should bold your own name and separate names by commas. Underline the presenter if it's not you. Finish with a period.

3 - Add poster title

Add the poster title exactly as it shows in the poster. End that section with a period.

4 - Write down conference/event name

Write "Poster presented at:" followed by conference name and finish with a semicolon. If the conference has a date in its name, ‌include it too.

5 - Add conference dates

Include the month and year of the conference finishing with a semicolon.

6 - Include the location where the conference was held

Finally, the last element should be the location of the conference.

If your conference happened in the United States, add the city and the abbreviated state name. If it was an international conference, add the country name.

7 - List the most relevant poster presentations chronologically

Do you want to create a resume or a CV? In some countries, the terms resume and CV are used interchangeably.

In the United States, resumes are summaries of your career, while CVs are academic biographies that include all your experiences and publications.

If you want to create an American style resume, ‌pick only the most relevant presentations. Otherwise, list all your poster presentations.

Also, list your presentations chronologically and don't list the same presentation more than once.

Should you include all poster presentations?

If you have a long career, you don't have to include all your presentations. Especially presentations at minor events such as department conferences.

However, if you're just getting started with your career, include as many presentations as possible.

What about oral presentations?

Separate oral presentations from your poster presentations. Have two subsections on your resume/CV: one for poster presentations and another one for oral presentations.

Format oral presentations the same way as your poster presentations.

Tips for a better presentation

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