21 Kohl’s Interview Questions and Answers

Do you want to get a job at Kohl's? You're at the right place. In this article, I list the most commonly asked questions in a Kohl's job interview.

It's not hard to pass the interview, but you ‌need to get prepared. Here is the list:

What do you know about Kohl's?

  • Maxwell Kohl founded Kohl's in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1927.
  • It's the largest department store chain in the United States with over 1000 locations.
  • It has many departments selling many products from clothing to electronics and more.
  • It employs over 100,000 people.

Have you ever worked for Kohl's?

If yes, mention what store you worked, your job title, and the years you worked there. You don't need experience working at Kohl's to get a job there, but it helps.

Why do you want to work at Kohl's?

  • I've shopped at Kohl's all my life, it's my favorite department store.
  • I like that you're a successful company that treats its employees well.
  • I have previous experience working in retail, and I think that experience would serve me well working for Kohl's.
  • I'm a social person and like to be in touch with customers every day.

Do you have experience working in a department store/retail?

Previous retail experience is an obvious plus. It means you're more likely to be successful at your job and they have to invest less in training you to be productive.

That said, Kohl's is known for hiring people with no experience. The thing that matters is, how good are you dealing with customers?

How can Kohl's improve its department store business?

They want to know how familiar you are with Kohl's stores. This type of question is more likely to be asked in an interview for a management position.

Better customer service is always a good answer, as would be a bigger selection of products. Suggest asking customers what they'd like to see for sale on Kohl's.

What part of the store are you interested in working in?

Kohl's is divided into departments. You will be asked which department you want to work in. Sometimes you won't have much of a choice as people get shifted from department to department all the time.

Just say you're very flexible and will work wherever Kohl's needs you.

How much do you expect to make($)?

Salaries for Kohl's are set at the corporate level, so you won't have much room for negotiation. It's "take it or leave it".

That said, you never mention what salary you want to get. Always say you're open to proposals and ask them what they pay for your position.

Tell me about your work ethic. Would you be a reliable employee?

I believe in hard work, if you hire me you can expect things to be done on time. I never show up late and I'm good at following instructions. My previous managers have always been happy with my work.

Tell me about your job experience

Describe the last jobs you had. Everything from the company, your job title, how many years you spent there, and your job responsibilities. Example:

I worked at Walgreens for 4 years, providing customer service at the store level. I believe the experience I got working in retail will help me do a good job at Kohl's.

What if you don't have job experience? Don't sweat it. You'll still have a shot at getting hired there.

If the card payment machine goes down, what do you do?

Kohl's wants to test your decision-making skills and your ability to work under pressure:

I would quickly try to diagnose and fix the problem. If it wasn't possible, I would write a notice informing customers that card payments are not working.

I would apologize to each customer that wants to pay with a card and offer alternative payment methods. If possible, I would alert the store manager.

Do you have experience selling?

If you end up working at the store level, you're expected to sell to customers, make suggestions for products they might be interested in, or upsell them into new products.

If you have experience selling directly to customers in a different job, mention it. Even better if you can mention concrete numbers such as total sales or how much you increased sales.

You caught a coworker stealing. What do you do?

I think the best way would be to report the problem to the store manager. If I confront the coworker, it wouldn't necessarily stop the problem and they might become violent.

Do you have experience working with customers?

Any retail position requires you to deal with customers every day. Previous customer service experience is definitely a plus if you want to work at Kohl's.

If you have no experience, mention you're an outgoing and social person who loves to interact with people.

What would you do if a customer leaves without paying?

I would approach the customer, and in a friendly way tell him ‌he didn't pay. If the customer still refuses to pay, I would warn him I would call the police. If he left, I would call the manager or the police in case the manager is absent.

How would you handle an impatient customer?

I would apologize to the customer for not being able to serve him right away and would try my best to speed up the service. I would also explain the work I'm doing, so the customer understands why there is a delay.

If the customer is not understanding, I would ask him to be patient and wait for his turn.

How do you deal with an angry customer?

I would remain calm and listen to the customer's complaint. I would then apologize and try to solve the issue. If nothing can be done or if the customer is wrong, I would explain exactly why. If the customer doesn't back down, I would speak with the store manager.

How would you react to criticism from your manager?

I would listen to his criticism and apologize. I would ask for feedback on how to improve and use this information to better the quality of my work.

Do you have experience handling money?

If you're working in retail, eventually you'll be asked to handle money. It's a big responsibility and Kohl's looks for people who either have the experience or show they can be trusted managing money.

If you don't have the experience, here's how to answer:

I don't, but I'm a reliable person with high integrity. I understand that handling money is a big responsibility and you can trust me to do a good job.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in your career?

Look back through the years and identify one challenge you had to overcome, how you did it, and what lessons you learned.

If you have no job experience, talk about any challenge you had while attending school or college.

What are some valid reasons you would use to call out of work?

Kohl's wants to know if you're a slacker. You want to make it seem you're rarely out of work and that you'd only skip work in extreme circumstances:

It's rare that I skip work. Maybe if I was extremely ill or in the case of a family emergency. But otherwise, you can count on me being here all the time.

What hours can you work? Can you work weekends?

Kohl's prefers employees that have schedule flexibility. However, if you have strong preferences because of personal life issues, don't hide them.

I don't have a strong preference, I'm available for work whenever you need me. I would prefer to work full time because I have a family to support. I don't mind working weekends either.

I have to take care of my sick father on weekends, but otherwise, I'm free to work weekdays at whatever schedule is the most convenient for you.

Kohl's Interview Process

Kohl's uses different interview formats depending on the position or the store you're interviewing in. It might take the form of a group interview or an individual interview with the hiring manager.

Some tips:

What should I wear to an interview at Kohls?

This will depend on the position you're interviewing for. The higher the position, the more you're expected to show up well dressed.

For most positions, dressing in business casual is the safest bet. Wear slacks, button-down shirts, shoes, dresses. For management positions wear a suit.

How long is a Kohl's interview?

Kohl's interviews last an average of 30 minutes. A hiring manager will interview you by phone or in the store.

Does Kohl's have a uniform? What do Kohl's employees wear?

Kohl's employees don't wear a uniform, however, there is a business casual dress code that applies to everyone: khaki pants, quality jeans, polos, button-down shirts, dress shirts. Casual clothing is discouraged.

Do Kohl's pay weekly?

The pay at Kohl's is weekly for hourly workers.

How do I know if I got the job at Kohl's?

Some people are offered a job on the spot. Others will have to wait, typically a week before they hear back. It might take a month before you start working.

How long is training at Kohl's?

Training will take 2 to 3 hours and consists of computer lessons and job shadowing with a more experienced employee.

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