How to Include Dean's List on Resume - Step by Step

You worked hard in college and got good grades. Your GPA is high and you made the Dean's list.

Should you put it on your resume? And how do you do it? Here's an example:

How to list Dean's List on your resume


Yale University, New Haven, CT - 2020
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
GPA: 3.7, Dean's List all semesters

Step by step:

Can I put Dean's List for only one semester?

If you have a good GPA but only one semester on the Dean's List, it's better not to include it next to your GPA.

That's because the contrast between a high GPA and only one semester of good grades will diminish the value of your GPA in a recruiter's eyes.

Instead, consider creating an "Awards and Accomplishments" section. Here's how:

Create an Awards and Accomplishments section

If you were on your Dean's List only once or twice, separate that information and put it into this section.

But only do that if you have other accomplishments that you can add to the list:

Awards and Accomplishments:
Dean's List, 1 semester
Varsity Soccer, Fair Play Award 2019
College Coding Competition, 2ª place 2018

Otherwise, just skip adding Dean's List.

Add Dean's List to LinkedIn

If you have a LinkedIn profile, add your GPA and include "Dean's List" according to the rules above.

Don't include Dean's List if you graduated with Latin honors

If you graduate with Greek honors or Latin honors such as Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa Cum Laude, don't add Dean's List to your resume.

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL - 2020
Bachelor of Science, Double major in Mathematics and Statistics
GPA: 4, Honors: Summa Cum Laude

Latin honors are much more important than being on the Dean's List. Adding Dean's List will detract from the importance of Latin honors and weaken your resume.

Don't add Dean's List if you have a long, successful career

If you have a long, successful career then you should skip adding Dean's List or your GPA to your resume.

That's because your professional experience is more important than those little college accomplishments.

Sure, if you just graduated and are looking for your first or second job, it makes sense to add Dean's List but otherwise skip it. The exception is if you went to a hard college.

Who should always add Dean's List to their resume?

Benefits to include Dean's List on your resume

The truth about adding Dean's List

At the end of the day, including Dean's List is not that important if you have a few years of experience on your resume.

But if you're just starting out, it helps set yourself apart from other job candidates.

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